A friendly notice that we will have a price increase from the 1st July 2021. Please be sure to get in touch with our team if you have any questions.

Cat Boarding

Premium Cat Boarding 10km from Port Macquarie

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Located within 10km of Port Macquarie, our dedicated staff love to provide the extra pats, cuddles and TLC to ensure your special cat enjoys the time they spend with us.

Our beautiful cat complex is located in a garden area well away from the dog kennels. We offer a choice of two freshly renovated catteries located in a modern building with sweeping views over farmland and forests.


Our stunning newly renovated Pavilion cattery features a fresh new decor and large opening windows to allow excellent fresh air circulation and cooling breezes through in summertime.

Our new Hilton cattery offers accommodation in well-appointed suites, stunning views, and reverse cycle air conditioning for when weather conditions require, ensuring the comfort of all our guests. Your cat will have a suite with a cosy sleeping area, and a roomy environment that can easily accommodate several cats from the same family.


Your cat will be fed the highest quality food including a range of fresh meat, canned foods, and dry kibble.


Vaccinations are vital and we are unable to accept any cat without sighting a Feline F3 vaccination certificate that has been completed in the past year.

We also require that you have your pets on a regular treatment program for fleas and ticks. Please remember to notify us of any important medical or dietary information we may need to know. We are only too happy to give any medication or special foods you wish to supply. Please note a surcharge of $5 per administration for medication applies.


There are two options for you to choose for boarding your cat:

  • Our Pavilion cattery starts at $25 per day for one cat, or $44 per day for two cats from the same family, staying in the same run
  • Our air-conditioned Hilton cattery starts at $29 per day for one cat, or $48 per day for two cats from the same family, staying in the same run

Additional charges apply for bookings during NSW School Holidays, Easter, Christmas, and all Public Holidays periods.

All pricing subject to change at any time. Pricing as of 1st of February 2022

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